A Trustworthy,Indian Compassion                                           Ministry

1. Bethel is a registered, Society in the

    state of Tamilnadu under Society Act.

2. Bethel's registration number is 41/92.

3. Date of Registration:       11.03.1992.
4. Tax-exemption : 12Aa Act.
5. National NGO status: Registered with
    union Home Ministry under F.C.R.A
6.  Bethel maintains  relevant books,
     such as Minuit books, account books 
     and receipt books.
7.  Accounts are audited annually by a
     Chartered accountant and the
     accounts are sent to various
     Government agencies.
8.  Every Single Donation is issued with
      our official receipt.

              Contact Details
The Director
Bethel Campus, (Opp) Gonzaga Matric School,
Elathagiri - Post, Krishnagiri - Dist,
Tamilnadu, India -635108

                       Welcome to our website!

Bethel society is in this field of serving people, almost  for the last 30 years.  Our motive and objectives, always will be serving people and develop them holistic; irrespective of ones' creed, cast and community attachment. Our mandate is from the GOD ALMIGHTY, who is loving, caring, forgiving, sustaining, and providing to all who put their trust on Him. Our society is people oriented and not organization oriented. 

How trustworthy are we?-   You can trust us 100% (or) more.  By seeing our society's NGO status, tax-exemption, FCRA-license provided by the union Home Ministry, you can clearly see that we are an accountability oriented, Indian government watched, organization. Except less than 5 paid staff, all donations  we receive goes into projects foe which the donations are sent. On the spot official receipts are issued to all donations. We will be more than glad to send any information on projects and the people benefited by your support.  You are free to visit us and see for yourself the projects we are presently engaged with. 

We are a strong Christian Community:- We are born again, baptized and a Holy Spirit filled community and CERTAINLY NOT, a "wolf-in sheep's Cloth". We do not function on the naturals but in the supernaturals. We do not use any human methods, (begging- our western friend's call) to attract funds. WE PRAY AND ASK OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN TO MEET OUR NEEDS. We are deeply rooted and centered in God's unchanging promises. And HE raises supporters, of His Choice, in HIS own time and in HIS  own way to meet the needs.  We are "great commission" ambassadors on earth. And in THE NAME OF LORD JESUS CHRIST, we live and function' all for the Glory of God! 

Missionary Challenge :- All of us know that we are living at a time that Lord Jesus termed as " a period of darkness when no man can work". Not only in India, but globally the spiritual, moral, economical, natural, political and every other system is falling in to the authority and power and prince of darkness. India is a mighty nation with 120 billion or more people.  And less then 10% profess christian faith and accept the lordship of Jesus Christ. 90% or more do not. WE LOOK TO THE THRONE OF GRACE AND INTERCEDE THAT GOD MAY MANIFEST HIS LOVE AND SAVING GRACE TO THE UNSAVED. Will you join with us praying for our nation and partner with us in the compassion ministries of Bethel? You can reach hundreds and thousands for the Lord Jesus Christ in India, by sending  us, praying for us partnering with us. 

Kindly visit the pages and know more of our work. Volunteer and promote our mission with your family members, friends, working place, church and communities. Virtual volunteer if you are a computer genius; helping us to promote our work among social network friends, and to polish up this web-site! 

May the Lord bless and reward you !

T. Arvind Mohan Dass

Director of Bethel. 

Our Bethel Society has this pressing needs and they are extremely urgent. 

1.   We are in need of a "Electronic Key Board- latest model", An electronic pad, for worship

      ministry.  If some one donate their used and instruments which are in good condition, we

     will gratefully receive it for the glory of God. 

2.  We are in need of a professional "Digital Camera" and a Video Camera for ministry. 

3.  We need a Gospel Van for our out reach ministry, for our music Ministry and for our 

       ministry with our associate churches which a

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                    Rev. Arvind & Molly.

Gonzaga College of Art And Sciences, Orappam Road, Elathagiri, Krishnagiri -Dist, Tamilnadu, India-635108

Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

S/B. Account Number: 059901000007604

Indian Overseas Bank, 

SIPCOT -Industrial Estate, complex Main Branch,

Hosur -Post, Krishnagiri - Dist,

Tamilnadu, India - 635 126

IFSC: IOBA0000599

SORT CODE: 635920405

Bank Swift:  IOBAINBB599

* You can transfer funds electronically and

    directly to the Society account, controlled 

    by The union Home Ministry of the 

    Government of India; and jointly                     operated    by     the treasurer. 

* After crediting the donation to the above 

   account, kindly send an e-mail to 

   Bethel's Office giving us the details of the  

   donation- amount, date, bank details,

  & transaction numbers with your postal 


* Every single donation will be issued with an

  "on the spot" official receipt and  

    will be sent to your home address. 

We Need Virtual Volunteers

Looking for Christian Volunteers who are fully committed for the cause of God's kingdom who can work from their own home for the following causes.

1. Prayer warriors who will commit to pray at

    least once in a week 

2.  Web-site builder and developer for our



3.  Promoters, friends raisers and fund

       raisers.....Contact us please!