A Trustworthy,Indian Compassion                                           Ministry

1. Bethel is a registered, Society in the

    state of Tamilnadu under Society Act.

2. Bethel's registration number is 41/92.

3. Date of Registration:       11.03.1992.
4. Tax-exemption : 12Aa Act.
5. National NGO status: Registered with
    union Home Ministry under F.C.R.A
6.  Bethel maintains  relevant books,
     such as Minuit books, account books 
     and receipt books.
7.  Accounts are audited annually by a
     Chartered accountant and the
     accounts are sent to various
     Government agencies.
8.  Every Single Donation is issued with
      our official receipt.

              Contact Details
The Director
Bethel Campus, (Opp) Gonzaga Matric School,
Elathagiri - Post, Krishnagiri - Dist,
Tamilnadu, India -635108

We are a  28 years old Indian Christian Compassion missions and ministry, registered, tax-exempted and an accountability oriented society who operate in the capacity of a national NGO. 

Our mission is to  serve the poorest of the poor and  bring a holistic and sustainable development, thus enabling them to live a life of dignity and help others to attain their status.  Our service goes to all; irrespective of one's colour, creed and community attachments.  We are serving, because Lord Jesus Served. We do not use our service to entice or to convert people from one religion from another. NONE OF US CAN PAY A PRICE TO REDEEM AND SAVE A SOUL. It's the work of God Almighty, who paid, the life of His son, LORD JESUS, on the cross for this purpose.  We serve people because we love people.  We all came from dung hill and experienced, extreme poverty, tragedies, failures, and losses. So, we know what "Human Sufferings" and lack is all about. 

We are a Small, Totally God leaned and Knee walked mission and ministry:   Bethel is a small grass root level society.  Except few paid staff, we are all committed volunteers who serve with total dedication. Bethel is presently supported by only friend. No big organizations or funding agencies have supported us so far. We live in such a remote village that we do not have modern advertising tools and technologies to take our Organization to the "Front Line". Gaining Popularity, praises and recognition itself would take millions. So we don't do that. 

We depend upon Persons like you, who  would commit to pray and support our projects that honours God and builds the lives of suffering  men and women.  We never Beg Or Put out our hands to man for money. And we also do not entertain donations that are impure and from resources that would be harmful to our great nation India. 

We are not a Cult or False Religion:  We are a GOD centered, WORD based, well balanced, independent missionary movement, who fulfill the mission mandate of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. If you want our faith and mission statements please write and ask for it.  This is not a religious website for me to add preachings, studies and reports. 

Challenges of the Present Days: India, presently  is in a great change. Internationally many know that the CHURCH OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and it's interests, missions is under severe challenges.  On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to convince our Christian friends of our genuine and faithful status and attract donations.  How can we advance the interests of our living God? 

I appeal to you to become a faithful partner: Consider to become a committed, faithful prayer partner of Bethel. Besides donating funds, you can donate your time and promote our cause in your social websites and your community. You can work for Bethel as a Volunteer fundraiser online, from your countries. Write to me if your need further details about Bethel or it's projects. 

Rev. T. Arvind Mohan Dass


Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Gonzaga College of Art And Sciences, Orappam Road, Elathagiri, Krishnagiri -Dist, Tamilnadu, India-635108

Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

S/B. Account Number: 059901000007604

Indian Overseas Bank, 

SIPCOT -Industrial Estate, complex Main Branch,

Hosur -Post, Krishnagiri - Dist,

Tamilnadu, India - 635 126

IFSC: IOBA0000599

SORT CODE: 635920405

Bank Swift:  IOBAINBB599

* You can transfer funds electronically and

    directly to the Society account, controlled 

    by The union Home Ministry of the 

    Government of India; and jointly                     operated    by     the treasurer. 

* After crediting the donation to the above 

   account, kindly send an e-mail to 

   Bethel's Office giving us the details of the  

   donation- amount, date, bank details,

  & transaction numbers with your postal 


* Every single donation will be issued with an

  "on the spot" official receipt and  

    will be sent to your home address. 

We Need Virtual Volunteers

Looking for Christian Volunteers who are fully committed for the cause of God's kingdom who can work from their own home for the following causes.

1. Prayer warriors who will commit to pray at

    least once in a week 

2.  Web-site builder and developer for our



3.  Promoters, friends raisers and fund

       raisers.....Contact us please!