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Knowing Bethel Better

Posted by [email protected] on July 5, 2017 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (1)


I am Rev. T. Arvind Mohan Dass, a 67+ year old Indian, who is married to my Loving wife, Molly Syriac, since 1979. The Lord gave us 5 children. Two were boys and the 3 are girls. The first son (Jean Calvin Lazarus) was promoted to glory when he was a 4 months kid. Our last born and only son aged 26; a B.Tech. MBA graduate was promoted to Glory through a road accident 3 years ago. We are left with 3 married daughters and have 3 grand children and expect one more in October. We are extremely grateful to God for His immeasurable compassion and grace, every day of our lives and ministry

Our Family Photo

Call And Vision From God: I was a victim to "total paralysis", abandoned by doctors to die as a one year old infant. Being the frist son to my father and mother, and my mother barganied with the Lord for days with wailing and weeping that bargained that if the Lord would heal me, I will be let to serve The Lord all my life. Though it took years to make me walk normally, my parents took a good care of me. 

My father is the grandson and son of a hindu temple priest from Kodakkal, which in Kerala state. My grandfather and granmother were converted by "Basel Mission"., and had to leave their land, possessions and wealth for their faith and migrate to Salem. Their family name is known as, "Thandamparambil". I write this because, in case if some persons from our family root come be this site, they may know that we are here. My farther worked as a "Clerk" while my mother worked as a Head-Mistress. She is 89 and she is alive and lives under our care. I have one brother, who is a retired bank officer, and have two sisters who are aos teachers and well settled and serve the Lord. 

I was born again in the year 1963, in the month of May and eventually dedicated my life to the full time service. The London Mission Church to which we belonged, and my spiritual parents brought us up spiritually strong and matured. My parents hosted all ministers of the Gospel in our small home and I accompanied them for out reach ministry. Dr. Saverirayan Yesudassan, F.R.C.S, M.R.C.P, and DR. PATON. FRCS, MRCP, the founders of "Krtistukula Ashram" and Dr. DGS. Dinakaran of Jesus Calls, Bro, Emil Jebasingh, Director of Vishvawani;  were some of them. 

My call and visionis to take the love of the living God and His Kingdom to people who have not heard about Lord Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by street preaching, literature distribution, Free bible distribution, Praying for nations, healing the sick, kids and youth camps and church revival. 

My vow And Committment: Before I stepped into my present position, I had a little  theological training, worked with Operation Mobilization India, and worked as an ordained  pastor with the Anderson Church Of God,in the state of Kerala and Tamilnadu. I worked cross culturally in many states of India for the Glory of God. 

I vowed to the Lord that I will always serve Him for free and will always look to Him by faith for all my needs. Now, Bethel ministry is an Independent Society and I have my family and ministry needs like mount Himalaya. But the faithful God has kept us going for the last 38 years. God's word, fasr and prayer are the key elements of our lives. Either my wife, or children or I wear silver or Gold. I do not put on shoe, coat or tie- I live among poverty striken villagers and so live very simple. Our motive of running Bethel is not to heep up wealth but to give our all. 

SevereStorms and Persecutions:  Little were not the amount of trails, temptations and persecutions my family and I passed through. Envey, jealously, misconseptions and other satanic have hit is one after another like tidal waves. We are alive today because, every time a test came, we will fast, pray and  search our being to find out if there were sins and short comings or unbelief. Always the Holy Spirit gave us the victory and the enemies ashamed and some were even removed from on this earth. 

Our Mission style: We are "Word based". Well balanced missionary socisty. We love all God's Children and never work against a church. We work among unreached people. By God's grace, we have few associate church. The burden of maintaining them is extremely hard. We need your prayers. 


Rev. Arvind Mohan Dass .T