We are a 33 Years old, INDIAN Christian national Non Governmental Organization , properly registered, tax-exempted and FCRA, licensed society situated in Krishnagiri District of Tamilnadu state of India.  Our objective and serviced is to serve and bless poor and needy people and develop them to self sustain, through projects each one can successfully handle and succeeded.Our service goes to all, irrespective of one's community, colour and cast attachments. We are a small organization totally dependent on GOD for all our supplies. We encourage people to partner with us in building lives of people . 

Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre......

...is an Indian Christian National Non-Governmental Organization (Non-Profit Charity) in existence  for the last 35 years, fully dedicated to take  the unconditional  love and service  to the poor  and oppressed, to relieve  suffering and despair. Bethel is a Properly registered society, tax-exempted and F.C.R.A,(licensed to Receive Foreign contribution) Certified by the "Government of India to function as a Social Service and Educational Organization. Our services is provided to all; irrespective of ones, creed, colour and community attachments. 

Our  work is made possible by the generosity of individuals who have a heart to help and hope to those who need it most. 

Bethel is a small organization, totally dependent upon the generosity of the living God. By Faith and by Prayer we ask our heavenly father to meet all the needs of our mission and ministry work.  We do not have sufficient man power and modern technical tools and expertise to create videos, advertisements and other attractive posters to "draw the attention of people" and their donations.  We let the Holy Spirit to do this for us. We expect God's people who Pray, walk in the Holy Spirit and know the "Great Commission Command of our  Lord  Jesus to consider partnership with our ministry. We have learned from experience that trusting in people will bring us to eternal pain. 

We serve a living christ and His service can be directly taken to people who are in desperate needs. "I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty you gave me drink, I was naked and you provided me dress, I was in prison and you visit me, and I was a stranger and you took me in to your homes"  (Mathew.25:35) 

Well there will be legitimately confusing and overwhelming to choose, which charity does the most good work.  And you will be also under pressure to know if your donations sent reach to the right work and reach where you intend it to reach. It's true that there are some bad examples that spoil the bunch; there are many charities who do tremendous service  that are changing lives and touching hearts with your generous donations. AND CERTAINLY BETHEL IS ONE OF SUCH ORGANIZATION, "trustworthy", organization faithful before God and Before men.
God's  word says , " Who so ever is kind to the poor lendeth to the Lord. for He will reward them to what they have done" (Proverbs. 19:17)

What do we do?    1. We serve the poorest of the poor widows who live in underdeveloped remote villages and help them to eradicate poverty by self sustaining projects by providing a "start up cost" of their 'Self Help" projects. We provide up to 500$ /per project /per a widow. Per year we would like to help 10 widows. 

2. We provide "Free school and college" fees to deserving poor children from villages . Some study in English (Medium) schools and colleges and the fee is very high and we pay 500_Euro per student and if his/her sponsors support more it will go to them.

3.  We provide "care giving, food, medical care (we do not run a home for  the aged), warm blankets, warm clothing, fruit and food wear to elderly citizens who are weak physically, and are less cared. We spend 1000 Euro in a year and the demand is more .

4. We respond to "Disaster relief":  Last year we provided relief to 40 families our relief supplies worth 125,000 INR. And during this "Covid-19, we have already provided relief to 20 families and this is still going on. 

5.  We provide support to "Indigenous pastors and evangelists as the Lord provides funds. We have trained several of them. 

6.  We distribute free Bibles in Vernacular languages to church believers who are new to church. 

7. We conduct "Summer Camps" for children and young people and reach nearly 3000 of them every year. 

8. I am involved in "itinerary"  preaching ministry , teaching the word of God in new churches slowly and clearly. 

9. We are involved in Prayer Ministry; interceding for "the body of christ" and for the Lost world. 

And so, as the Director of this Charity and as the Servant of the Living God, I appeal to you to kindly pray for us and if the LORD would lead you to support us, please contact me at;- bethelelg@gmail.com. I will furnish full details you may ask for. 
Rev. T. Arvind Mohan Dass,
Donate Liberally To 
Operation corona pandemic-2020

Our sincere prayers goes to all families who lost their loved ones, tragically and quiet unexpectedly. We cry out to God for those who are battling in hospitals. We also pray for all agencies who are fighting this dreaded virus. It's our obligation for the sake of our family members, our kids and infants and for the welfare of our neighbors and community; to stay in our homes and use our time wisely and always remembering the suffering people. 

Total Lock Down:- is a a very difficult time for people who live by their, "earnings". And for the last few weeks hundreds and thousands of people along with their kids suffer hunger as they do not have money. The total shut down of shops and other facilities is another pain we have to patiently bear with. 

Donate One Month's grocery worth 50-Euro to 100 Families:    Every family will be provided with 25 kilos of rice, pulses, cooking oil, soap and sanitary items,  vegetables, biscuits and toys for kids, worth 50 Euro. Our target is 100 families. We need 5000 -Euro very urgently. One can either click the donation button (or) use our FCRA account for foreign Donations and all Indian donors can use non-fcra- domestic account  to send your donations. Kindly send your full detail bu E-mail to the Director as we are accountability oriented to the Government of India and it's agencies. 

A Trustworthy,Indian Compassion Ministry

1. Bethel is a registered, Society in the

    state of Tamilnadu under Society Act.

2. Bethel's registration number is 41/92.

3. Date of Registration:       11.03.1992.
4. Tax-exemption : 12Aa Act.
5. National NGO status: Registered with
    union Home Ministry under F.C.R.A
6.  Bethel maintains  relevant books,
     such as Minuit books, account books 
     and receipt books.
7.  Accounts are audited annually by a
     Chartered accountant and the
     accounts are sent to various
     Government agencies.
8.  Every Single Donation is issued with
      our official receipt.

Elathagiri, Krishnagiri- Dist, Tamilnadu, India-635108

Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

S/B. Account Number: 059901000007604

Indian Overseas Bank, 

SIPCOT -Industrial Estate, complex Main Branch,

Hosur -Post, Krishnagiri - Dist,

Tamilnadu, India - 635 126

IFSC: IOBA0000599

SORT CODE: 635920405

Bank Swift:  IOBAINBB599

* You can transfer funds electronically and

    directly to the Society account, controlled 

    by The union Home Ministry of the 

    Government of India; and jointly                                       operated    by     the treasurer. 

* After crediting the donation to the above 

    account, kindly send an e-mail to 

    Bethel's Office giving us the details of the  

    donation- amount, date, bank details,

    & transaction numbers with your postal 


*  Every single donation will be issued with an

     "on the spot" official receipt and  

    will be sent to your home address. 

All Indian citizens who live in India and live outside India, as NRIs, can directly send your donations to our domestic account using the following details:-

Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

S/B. Account Number: 059901000044608

Indian Overseas Bank, 

SIPCOT -Industrial Estate, complex Main Branch,

Hosur -Post, Krishnagiri - Dist,

Tamilnadu, India - 635 126

IFSC: IOBA0000599

SORT CODE: 635920405

Bank Swift:  IOBAINBB599