Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre, is a 30 years experience,  Registered, Tax - exempted, accountability oriented, charity society in India. We are a Christian Society, with objectives to serve the poorest of the poor and the less privileged in our region and develop one at a time; to self sufficiency and sustainability; through relevant projects, such as (1). Sustainable development of women. (2) Free School & college fees to deserving poorest students. (3) Care ministry to aged and elderly persons (We do not run a home for the aged). (4) Community development projects. (5) Awareness Camps for young people etc...  Bethel is situated in Krishnagiri - District of Tamilnadu state of south India. 

Serving the Less privileged is our divine mandate and a noble virtue: It is a divine virtue to serve others and it is rewarding in this life and in the life after our death. There are many reasons why people are poor and this poverty can be tackled and removed by serving people and blessing them. There are individuals and families who lack food, dress, shelter, education and a proper employment to self support. There are chronic sick people. There are the blind, the deff and the crippled. There are lepers. There are hundreds of dying aged people with out care and compassion. WE, THE BLESSED PEOPLE, WHO WERE GIVEN MUCH BY GOD, MUST BE SENSITIVE TO THE SUFFERING PEOPLE AROUND US AND MUST WILLINGLY SHARE OUR BLESSINGS WITH PEOPLE IN NEEED. God responds to such kindness and promoters the cheerful givers. 

May I Count on your donations?  Bethel is a small christian Society, who lean on God totally; for all it's needs. We let God know of our needs in prasyer and wait on Him to raise "Prayer Partners", who will prayerfully and sacrificially contribute to our ministry. And here by I appeal to you to pray for us. We reflect God's compassion, love and redemption freekly availabe to every one who comes to LORD JESUS CHRIST. And we believe that from then on heaven taskes care of his/her development, sustainability and blessings. There are many pressing needs for this compassion ministry. Kindly donate and bless some one. If you want to learn more about any of the project you are interested in and want to help, please! write to the director at:

 T.  Arvind Mohan Dass,]

We have been looking to our father in heaven for the following needs for some years now. Perhaps you may be interested to know them.

1.  50 plastic Chairs ( Good Quality) are

     needed in the   chapel.  

2. Our chapel needs a new sound equip

     ments. Amplifire, 4 microphones, Two 

     loud speakers and mike stands. 

We need these equipments now!

A Trustworthy,Indian Compassion Ministry

1. Bethel is a registered, Society in the

    state of Tamilnadu under Society Act.

2. Bethel's registration number is 41/92.

3. Date of Registration:       11.03.1992.
4. Tax-exemption : 12Aa Act.
5. National NGO status: Registered with
    union Home Ministry under F.C.R.A
6.  Bethel maintains  relevant books,
     such as Minuit books, account books 
     and receipt books.
7.  Accounts are audited annually by a
     Chartered accountant and the
     accounts are sent to various
     Government agencies.
8.  Every Single Donation is issued with
      our official receipt.

Contact Details

Postal Address

T. Arvind Mohan Dass,

Bethel Campus, (Opp-Gonzaga.),

Elathagiri -Post, Krishnagiri -Dist,

Tamilnadu, South India - 635108


Telephone: 91-04343-268144

From 22nd, April-2019,  to 29th-May -F2019, 

we will be conducting 3 to 5 days of Summer camps for children in more than 30 camp centers in villages for rural children. And this year this will be our 45th Camp. And we target to reach 3500 kids this summer.  We meet all the needs of these camps. Specially Trained teams, volunteer teachers, study materials, food and drinks, transport, praizes etc.

This is a faith venture and we need very urgent help and prayers from all of you. 

Elathagiri, Krishnagiri- Dist, Tamilnadu, India-635108

Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

S/B. Account Number: 059901000007604

Indian Overseas Bank, 

SIPCOT -Industrial Estate, complex Main Branch,

Hosur -Post, Krishnagiri - Dist,

Tamilnadu, India - 635 126

IFSC: IOBA0000599

SORT CODE: 635920405

Bank Swift:  IOBAINBB599

* You can transfer funds electronically and

    directly to the Society account, controlled 

    by The union Home Ministry of the 

    Government of India; and jointly                                       operated    by     the treasurer. 

* After crediting the donation to the above 

    account, kindly send an e-mail to 

    Bethel's Office giving us the details of the  

    donation- amount, date, bank details,

    & transaction numbers with your postal 


*  Every single donation will be issued with an

     "on the spot" official receipt and  

    will be sent to your home address. 

We Need Virtual Volunteers

Looking for Christian Volunteers who are fully committed for the cause of God's kingdom; the ones who can work from their own home for the following causes.

1. Prayer warriors who will commit to pray at

    least once in a week 

2.  Web-site builder and developer for our



3.  Promoters, friends raisers and fund

       raisers.....Contact us please!