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Emergency Flood Relief - Kerala - India

Posted by on September 3, 2019 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Appealing for Emergency Flood Relief in Kerala State Of India

The recent south west mosoon in the months of July-September -2019, in the state of Kerala in South India was the worst one the history has ever known. Last year in 2018 the same state was totally submerged in water killing people, damaging houses, lands and every thing possible and again this year the worst. Nearly 2,70 lakh peopla were sheltered in 1325,  temroray relief camps across the state. 

Killer Landslides;-   The state of Kerala is called as "God's Own Country" because this state is like the land of " Promised Land".of Zion, fulll of rain forests, where there are high range hills, dense forests, Where, there are coffee, coco, tea, cordamom, pineapple, pepper, clove and other precies estates exists. Lots of coconut trees, banana plantations, tappioka, ginger, elephant foot, areconut, and many precious things are grown. The monsoon season begins during the first week of June and ends in December. 

These high range forests take in, drink and suck all rain waters and store it in it's belly and no one; even scientifically can predict, when this storage will bust  with such  a  dynomite bang and spew out millions of gallons of water with un immaginable force. The immeasurable current of this water carries with it huge rock boulders, huge logs of trees, houses, trees, plantations, bridges and roads and what not. 

Totally in 70 places these landslides happened. "Kavalppara" near Nilambur in Malapuram District of Kerala, and "Meppadi" in Wynad District-Kerala are the two worst hit places where two large civilization got sunk in 6 meteres mud and debris. More than 100 dead bodies have been discovered and others are counted as missiong. 

People who esxcaped this peril and death are literally on the streets. 

                                                    Puthhumala - Meppadi - land slide

These photgraphs will impress upon you of the magnitude of this disaster to which thousnds of people were victims. 

Bethel's  Emergency Flood Relief Operation:-   My wife and I come from this statte and I served in this state for many years as a missionary and then as an Ordained pastor with the Anderson Church of God, in Meppadi in 'Wynad. Kavalappara is just 15 kilometers from my wife's home town. And in this respect, we are indebted to help the suffering people in  "Puthumala" - Meppady Wy nad and in Kavalappara -Nilambur. 

1.  We will provide 500$ worth of aid to each familty and want to help 100 families. 

2.   We will help families to repair and refurbish their damagerd houses, 

3.   We will provide school bags and educational supplies to kids in the family. 

4.  We will provide, blankets, dress, furniture and cooking utencils to families.; 

5.  We will provide, a "cow" or a few sheep or a small tea shop or Vegetable shop etc, so that

     these families may earn a decent income of their own. 

Donate liberally to this very urgent need: DONATE NOW


Kindly go to the home page and see how you can directlty wire funds to Bethel's account. Your donation will be immediately axcknowledged by our official receipt and all details of the beneficiaries will be sent for your knowledge with relevant photographs. 

T. Arvind Mohan DassDirector 


Knowing us

Posted by on August 10, 2018 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (1)

We are glad that you are visiting this information page. It's my effort to furnish needed details of our vision and mission. This will help all to clearly understand the endeavour of our society's service to our fellow men and women. I have not chosen God or His mission and ministry rather IT WAS HE WHO CHOSE ME, an unworthy vessel to serve Him and the people around us. Though I was born to the so called Christian parents and grew up in a nice church, it was in 1963, in the month of May, I became a son of the living God. I was a miracle kid to my parents, as I was healed of total parapysis, by prayer and naturally my mother dedicated to full time ministry. 

I was not happy about that and I was drifting faraway for the Lord and even joined the Indian Army and served as a soldier for a spell. Having been a prodigal for a while, I realized the fact that my destiny is "Serving the Lord". When I yielded to His call, the very first thing I pledged to my Heavenly Father is that, I will love and serve my God, for free and will not put out my hands to people. My call is not to go after money but let money seek after me. I was trained in scripture and in New Testament Faith life, by renowned saints of the Living God, to serve God for free. It is now over 40 years it is a sacred principle that's staunch in me. I am a servant minister and never accept donations or gifts from associate churches because I am an unworthy vessel to be honoured. I want the Lord to reward me in His Kingdom. I say this because, I AM NOT IN THE SERVICE OF THE LORD TO MAKE MONEY AND WEALTH AND BECOME RICH. This is not the motive and purpose of this ministry. 

The Cost of Serving Jesus:-  God created all things out of nothing. And similarly, He calleth things which will be not, as though they were. (Romans.4:17). Molly and I married in 1979 and in one week's time we moved to where we are now. I resigned my pastor's post in Kerala with Anderson Church Of God and moved here with empty handed. In fact we did not even have money to buy train ticket to reach here. And after reaching here, we had no friends or supporeters to depend upon. Our first son, Jean Calvin Lazarus died and I buried him. 4 years ago our last and nly son Rudy Moses. B.Tch, M.B.A, was killed in a road accident. We lived through hunger, thirst, shame, sufferings and many more things in life. GOD'S LOVE, COMPASSION AND GRACE, sistained us thus far. So we understand human sufferings, and ever ready to serve them. 

Join Our efforts to serve the Lord and people who need to taste God's eternal love ,compassion, his power and authority to save them and give them a New Life. He is alive to save, forgive, heal. bless and sustain every one who comes to Him by faith. Be a channel of Blessing. You can reach out to peopel through Bethel. Pray for us. We live praying. Conact me if you are led by the living God to bless people in spiritual, phyusical and economical needs. 

And if you are in need of Prayer, please! feel free to write to us.

Volunteer with us virtually:   We need volunteers who will faithfully pray and promote God's work accomplished in India through us. We need volunteers to assist us with web-site designe, maintenance and to help us to promote the work with social meadia websites of Bethel. I never
studied Computer and we need help. We need comitted brothers and sisters to "serve as honourary field co-ordinators" in your present places. 
Please! Respond and write to me. 

Rev.T.Arvind Mohan Dass.