I created this page just for unbelieving Christians, who may think we are last days false teachers. No, we are disciples and carriers of compassion and love to the Lost World. We are word based, Christ centered and "The Lost People" Oriented. WE love all God's children and never work against a church. 

What's Our mission as Christians

As an individual Christ's follower and his disciple, my divine destiny is to "Continue what the LORD JESUS, has left behind with a "Commission to go to people", who need God's light, love and salvation. There are millions literally around us who have not yielded to God's message of salvation and His coming Kingdom. Though we are in the advanced technical innovations and wisdom to do many things, God never changed his method in reaching the lost.  GOD SENDS MEN AND WOMEN TO PEOPLE TO SERVE AND MINISTER.  Though tools and modern equipments and technologies widely used in ministry, it has limits. They can not do and accomplish what the "HOLY SPIRIT Empowered person" can . 

1. God can not anoint a machine and give it the virtue of 'Tongues or vision or dreams".  Only

    a human being can do that. 

2. A machine or tool will not be able to "Pray and commune with God to get His word

     (Prophecy), word of Knowledge and pray with and pray for the people. 

3. Only man can lay hands and pray for the healing of the sick and only man can cast out


Well, Lord Jehovah could have sent  most advanced technologies from heaven  to reach the Lost . NO! HE SENT "THE WORD", IN THE WORLD IN A HUMAN BODY AND HUMAN PERSON.  And that''s what we do. We call it as "Evangelism" and outreach ministries among the unreached people. 

To Be Continued.....