Donate to Pay School Fees to       Poor Indian Children
Our Target 6000. $ -Annually

Benson- Joshua

Children and young people from extreme poverty status are struggling hard to pay school fees. In a family of more than two kids where the parents depend upon daily wages- if they are lucky to get one daily - find it extremely difficult to educate their kids till they fully complete at least their high school. 

Bethel's vision is to pay 20 free scholarships to deserving children; irrespective of ones colour, creed and community  attachment and put them in good schools; after which they may find a job to support their family and brothers and sisters to come up in life. 
Bethel trained nearly 100 women who were from extremely poor family back ground and trained them for 1 year till they become perfect tailors to back to their villages and live by making dresses. Our training is totally Free.

It takes to appointing paid teachers with a regular monthly salary of 200$, providing 10 girls study materials, training tools, sewing machines, and servicing and maintaining of machines etc.. and we spend 100$ every month for this purpose. Thus per twelve months we need $.3600.
We Challenge you to donate to this worthy project large and small  and thus bringing hope and future in the tragedy filled lives of rural women,

Bethel Operates a Compassionate care and service to aged men and women who are battling their last few years. Though the government gives them a monthly cash support, dress once a year and free rice etc,,,, it all ends up with the common family's interest and needs.

Though Bethel is not running a residential home for the aged, we provide care, counseling, love, food, dress, medical care and be with them till they breath their last with hope and peace.

It takes just 20$ to provide all the needs of such individuals. We serve more than 50 such individuals who are very old individuals.

With our  local church leadership, and village volunteers we take our service to individuals where they live. It Takes 1000$ every month to provide for the needs of this project.


From 02-05 to 29th May-2018, our 32nd annual summer camp will be held in selected 20 camp centers in various villages. During the extremely hot Indian summer holidays, Bethel has been reaching out to nearly 2,500 to 3,ooo kids every summer. 

We spend 5 days in a village, under tree shades, or house verandas, and available places provided for us to conduct these camps. We provide morning refreshment, lunch, evening tea with snakes and all study materials to students. We engage local volunteers, Trained teams, and local associate pastors and evangelists to take classes. 

At on the last day of the camp, we provide special certificates, to volunteers, teachers, team and students, we provide a special lunch and prizes to every one. We also provide Traveling subsidy to all needed individuals. Some times we need hired vehicles to transport students. 

What's the result? Obviously, hundreds of children and young people have found the meaning of life and it's meaning. Many are blessed with higher educations, experience free from sin life and members of local churches and now their kids are in camp meeting. I am one of the saved person from the camps and my grand kids attend the camps. 

Partner with us and donate just 5$ per kid for a five days camp, all things paid. You can sponsor five or fifty or more kids. Please! do so,